Moving From Resignation To Enthusiasm

Dear Friends: 

This week I’m going to focus on the subject of ‘energy and enthusiasm.’ As I do with many of the topics of these articles, I put myself in an inquiry. This time as I was focusing on ‘energy and enthusiasm,’ I was continually observing what impact the day-to-day bumps in the road were having on me… always noticing when (and how quickly) resignation would set in and affect my level of energy and my productivity.

I recommend you join me in this inquiry. Just staying conscious and present to these distinctions is transformational. In addition to observing, I did some research on the topic and spoke to a lot of people about it. I noticed that it doesn’t take much to bring us down.

In the entertainment industry I believe we face more rejection than any other industry in the world. The result of on-going rejection will be resignation and despair if we don’t really make a concerted effort to turn it around.

Staying in resignation leads to blaming others, blaming the industry, doubting ourselves and our abilities. I am committed to giving you 10 great and helpful tips to support you and move you from resignation to enthusiasm at lightning speed.

As you know by now, I am all about having fun in everything I do. So, let’s have this wild and crazy ride be a joy from start to finish. Here are my tips for this week.



  1. FOOD / FITNESS / WATER / VITAMINS: Okay I know what you are thinking.  This one is obvious. Well, I beg to differ.  Be honest with yourself for a minute. Let’s face it, we are all pretty unconscious in this area.  Use this article as a wake-up call. The lack of proper food, vitamins, minerals, water and the lack of fitness, can impact our level of energy… which in turn impacts everything!  My husband and I are pretty healthy but a few years ago we made a point of having a thorough blood test (which cost nearly $500, but totally worth it!) and I was shocked to see that I was low in certain essential vitamins and minerals.  I heard a story about an older man in a nursing home who was thought to have Alzheimer’s. Luckily a family member asked about his water consumption. He was getting extremely little water. When that change was made, within a week he was clear headed and back to his old self again.  Be conscious, do some research on vitamins like B, C, D and on Magnesium as well. Do something — one thing right now — to impact this area. I’ve been reading two different books that relate in some way to this area. One is called “The Blue Zone” by Dan Buettner. He traveled around the world to interview people in the areas that had the largest number of centenarians.  Nearly 100% of the folks he spoke with talked about the fact that they are always moving and staying active… in some cases even at 105 years old! Dan more recently did a brilliant TED talk, so I recommend you check that out as well. I am also in the middle of “Spark”. The whole focus of this book is about the impact of exercise on the brain. Dr. John J. Ratey shares his research about how exercise remodels our brains for peak performance. The book is amazing!!! And the fact that we’re in the entertainment industry, one of the most creative and challenging industries in the world, means we might want to take a serious look at this idea of exercise and how it will keep our brains at “peak performance.”  


  2. BE HAPPY:  The word enthusiasm has its roots in the Greek language.  It literally means “the God within.” Enthusiasm equals passion.  It’s time to make a point of setting some time aside to focus on this.  One of the participants in my December workshop “Launching the Future,” years ago told the class that she set aside 5 minutes a day to think about something that makes her “dizzyingly happy.”  She had been doing some research on the topic and found out that taking some time, even a few minutes a day to think about what makes you happy, will not only change your day, but it will change your brain chemistry.  So, schedule some time now… sit, relax, and think about the things that make you happy… really happy. A great exercise that will help put you immediately in the state of happiness is to do an act of kindness. Recently, I was listening to an interview with author of “The Five Side Effects of Kindness,” Dr. David Hamilton on the 2017 Hay House Summit.  Dr. Hamilton talks about how kindness makes you happier and the science behind why this is so. When you’re happy he says, there is a chemical reaction in your body where your body creates more oxytocin (often referred to as the “cuddle hormone”), or what Dr. Hamilton calls molecules of kindness. This molecule goes directly into the arteries and cause the arteries to widen, which lowers your blood pressure.  It’s what’s called cardio protective, protecting the heart… the cardiovascular system and at the same time cleaning the arteries. Another molecule that’s going into your blood stream at the same time is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide literally chops away at our bad cholesterol and as an added bonus, slows down the process of aging! All pretty amazing!!! A great book I read last year, “The Power of Neuroplasticity” by Dr. Shad Helmstetter focuses on the topic of reprograming our brain.  The book is mind blowing (literally!). Dr. Helmstetter says, “It’s our self-talk that plays the single most important role in the programming of the brain. If you use the right self-talk, you will wire your brain in the best possible way, and the results will show in your life.” “What you wire into your brain,” he says, “will always determine what you get back out. The brain creates new neural pathways as a result of repeated input.” After doing more research of this fascinating subject, I decided to enroll in a workshop called “Your Genius Code Unlocked.”  My coach and consultant, Barbara Daoust, had teamed up with author/physician and energy medicine expert, Dr. Jussi Eerikainen, and together they designed this program. The workshop shows you how to script your ideal life and uncover the ‘genius part’ you have within. This latest brainwave technology crosses the barriers of your conscious mind and imprints upon your subconscious mind the new beliefs, new patterns and new programs. You actually get to rewire (through the latest technology) your neural networks for a more vibrant and successful life. (   


  3. EMOTIONAL SCALE:  In Jerry and Esther Hicks’ book, “Ask and it is Given,” they talk about “moving up the emotional scale.”  This is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I find it has me be conscious of where I am emotionally.   Sometimes, just a wakeup call is enough to give me the jolt that I need. Secondly, just by being aware of how you’re feeling gives you the opportunity to focus on moving up a scale or two.  Go online and get their list. You don’t have to jump from resignation to bliss. Just make today about moving up one or two steps, that will make a gigantic difference. For example, I was coaching a close friend of mine a few years ago.  She’s an actress and had not worked in nearly a year. She was pretty far down on the emotional scale as you can imagine, and she was far to weary and depressed for me to do a lot of coaching. So, all I suggested was that she take two weeks and just focus on moving up two notches on the emotional scale.  At the end of that two weeks her agent called and said she’d booked two auditions for national commercials. She did the auditions and got both jobs! It was enough money to make up for the entire year! One of the things I did this past year to help me catch myself when I start, what I call, “going down the rabbit hole,” was to create a small binder for myself that I refer to as my ‘tool’ book.  When I notice myself being negative, feeling down or having self-doubts, etc. I pick up the binder and turn to one of the tools (I have 18!) that will be perfect for that moment. Some of the items I have in my tool book are: Do a meditation, write an appreciation list, spend a minute visualizing something great, repeat a few powerful affirmations, do the pivoting exercise (one of my favorites that I’ve discussed in an earlier blog), create a list of my favorite memories, do the ‘creating possibilities’ exercise (also discussed in an earlier blog), read a couple of my favorite inspirational poems, do Dr. Joe Vitalie’s exercise (see tip #7), and a few more fantastic items that move me into enthusiasm in minutes.  You might want to take some time this month and create your own ‘tool’ book. It will be well worth it.   


  4. 10 SECOND UPSET:  When I was 19 years old I experienced the emotion, jealousy.  My boyfriend’s old girlfriend was in town and for some crazy irrational reason I got jealous and was upset for an entire afternoon.  I lost a whole afternoon of my life! I actually remember clearly at the end of that day thinking how insane that was… to lose time in my precious, wonderful, blessed life over something so trivial… something that brought me no joy… no pleasure.  Given I am here to have fun and to be enthusiastic, why would I spend an entire afternoon on such a useless, stupid, empty emotion? At that moment I decided to create the ’10 second upset’. Of course, I was going to have upsets in my life, but now I got to decide just  how long they would last. Ten seconds seemed like a good number. I invite you to try it on. I don’t know if you’ve seen the clip from Saturday Night Live where Bob Newhart plays a psychologist. If you haven’t, then Google it now. It’s so great. It’s called “Stop It!”  It should have won an Oscar! The most brilliant advice ever!


  5. VISUALIZE YOUR WAY TO ENTHUSIAM: Athletes do it all the time.  Why don’t we? Being in the Entertainment Industry is like working out for the Olympics every day.  Yet few of us take advantage of this miraculous tool. We would rather sit in resignation and despair than do something that seems a bit too intangible and new-age, like visualize.   Well, it’s time to give up that old conversation. As John Assaraf said in his book, “Having it All,” “vivid visualization is fuel for your dreams. When you visualize what you want you create ‘cells’ of recognition in your brain that, through repetition become fixed in your psyche.”  Try this exercise. Even for a couple of minutes (or seconds!). You just might be surprised.


  6. APPRECIATE:  I know I have mentioned this technique in earlier articles and in different contexts.  However, when it comes to getting your energy and enthusiasm back and moving up that emotional scale, there is nothing better.  Make a list of all the wonderful things that you appreciate. Get in the habit of doing this list. You will be amazed how this little exercise can cause such a huge shift.  

  7. MEDITATION:  Oddly enough meditation is becoming very popular… and it’s about time.  People used to laugh at the notion not so very long ago. Now you hear about it all the time… it used in the work place, in schools and nearly everyone I speak with is doing it.  It’s now cool! Thank God! Take a few minutes a day and meditate. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but it’s worth pursuing. Go online to and enjoy their mediation exercises that are as short as 2 minutes!  Often at night I just google “10-minute mediations” and a ton of them pop up.  I subscribe to Christy Whitman’s (life coach and speaker) online Quantum Success site and in a recent episode she mentioned just a few of the over 100 benefits of medication… reduces stress, improves concentration, increases joy and happiness, slows down the process of aging (I love that one!), helps you sleep better, boosts serotonin, strengthens your immunity and lowers blood pressure.  Chris Bailey, in his excellent book, “The Productivity Project,” adds a few additional benefits…. Meditation has you be more productive, it decreases procrastination, helps you manage your energy, helps your focus, creates clarity, increases blood flow to the brain and increases the amount of grey matter in your brain. AMAZING!


  8. SCRIPTING:  Joe Vitalie, in his book, “The Attractor Factor,” talks about “scripting”.  In the Entertainment Industry we are all brilliant at telling stories. So, this should be an easy one for us.   Nothing will bring your energy and enthusiasm back as quickly as scripting. I do it all the time. It will make you ‘feel’ fantastic, since it brings the future into the present.  You are the main character, so write the plot the way you want it to be. Scripting will give you the chance to create a life that excites you. When I am coaching, I always ask my clients, “Is the conversation you’re telling yourself empowering you?”  If the answer is no, then make up a new conversation. Sit down with a piece of paper and write a paragraph or even a full page on how you want one of your specific goal to be. Even though it hasn’t happened yet, write it as though it is happening… now… in the present.    There is a great quote by Abraham-Hicks that says, “Start telling a better-feeling story about the things that are important to you. Tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens. It will fell like magic as your life begins to transform right before your eyes.”


  9. PASSION and PURPOSE:  How do we keep passion and enthusiasm alive?  Jack Canfield (author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”) suggests we spend more time doing what we love to do.  We chose the Entertainment Industry, the most exciting industry in the world. We have the opportunity to be fully self-expressed and to bring joy to billions of others around the globe through entertainment.  Get back in touch with why you chose this delightful business and that will put you in touch with your purpose and vision. Get passionate about it. Getting back in touch with your purpose is a great shot of enthusiasm.  What is your purpose, your vision, your goal?


  10. IT’S YOUR CHOICE:  This one may be the hardest to get and to hear, but it is by far the most freeing and exhilarating.  No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you chose it. Everything! Everything! Everything! Every minute, every day.  You chose to do what you are doing right here, right now. I am giving you some gold here. Use it. And to add to this marvelous distinction, as Jack Canfield says, “choose to do everything you do with joy and enthusiasm.”    

BONUS: LAUGH / SING / DANCE: For a quick pick me up, get rockin’ and rollin’. Rock out loud. Put on your favorite song, sing along and dance. We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine. Well it applies here too. A recent study has shown that smiling can add 5 years to your life! Have a good laugh, you’ll feel great. I went online this week and watched ‘Snowball’s tribute to Michael Jackson.’ Google “Snowball – Our Dancing Cockatoo.” I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair. “Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit.” — Gordon Parks.

Suzanne Lyons is President/Producer of Snowfall Films, Inc. ( having produced/exec produced 12 feature films to date.  She co-founded the Flash Forward Institute which focused on teaching the tools of business needed to market oneself in the entertainment industry.  Her book titled Indie Film Producing: The Craft of Low Budget Filmmaking was published by Focal Press  She’s hosted over 125 informational videos for the industry (   When time permits, she does private career and business coaching as well as indie film producing coaching.  Suzanne is originally Canadian and lives with her husband in Los Angeles.