Putting the Business Back in Show Business


Dear Friends:
In our business we have events, workshops, festivals, film markets and screenings happening constantly. Do you put your business hat on when you attend these events? Are you ready at the drop of a hat to pitch yourself and/or your projects? Are you ready to do a ton of networking? What is the point of having a killer logline, a great pitch, a brilliant demo reel, a fantastic script, composer’s reel, costume designer’s portfolio, etc. if you don’t know how to get it to or be with the right people?

A few years back I went to a PGA (Producers Guild of America) seminar on Packaging and it was so interesting to watch and observe people interact. Human beings are fascinating! The degree to which we are unconscious is staggering. I think we, as creative people, are the worst. We really don’t focus on the Business aspects of our business and we are especially bad at wearing the Business Hat when we are out at events, on the phone or in meetings.<–read more–>