What people have been saying...

“Simply the BEST, most comprehensive, no nonsense, step-by-step guide to Indie film producing ever!”

—Michel Shane, Executive Producer, Catch Me if You Can , I Robot

 “Finally, a how to film book that combines personal experience with brilliant advice and enlightening behind-the-scene stories. An excellent read!”

—Chris Wyatt, Producer, Napoleon Dynamite

“I’ve always loved Suzanne Lyons’ gift for communication and explanation, and now she’s applied that to her vast experience as a producer of low budget movies. She takes you through the process in a step-by-step, practical, direct, and honest way that only Suzanne can do. You’re not just going to love this book, it’s going to be your production bible!”

—Mark Rosman, Director, A Cinderella Story , The Perfect Man

“All you need to know about putting together an indie film, and more! One of the best and most comprehensive books I’ve read about this business, as good as a graduate degree! When anyone ever asks you “What does a Producer DO?” just give them this book, since they do EVERYTHING in it, and deserve more credit and respect for it all, too!”

—Sara Risher, former Chairman of Production for New Line Cinema

“Finally! A book about what I know and love – producing films – that smartly maps exactly what to do and how to do it–to prep, populate, finance, produce and get your film out into the world. Unlike most filmmaking books, Suzanne doesn’t waste time on theory or useless generic forms. Just clear, sensible, powerful, actionable information so you get real world results. Suzanne’s is the only book you need to confidently turn your film into a reality and make your dreams come true. No wonder she gets so many films produced!”

—Gary Goldman, Producer, Pretty Woman

 “Suzanne knows the secrets to putting the business back in show business, but keeping it human, approachable and fun at the same time. An inspiring book—makes you believe you can do it!”

—Pen Densham, Producer, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Backdraft, Moll Flanders, Phantom

“A great ‘how to’ on low budget film producing. This book explains how you can be creative and business smart at the same time. Fulfilling your vision and making your investors happy. Now that's a winning combination.”

—Ram Bergman, Producer, Brick

“Concise, simple, step-by-step plans and models for the indie producer. This is what most film schools never teach you – the business behind the making of a film. Suzanne takes the mystery out of the financing process.

A must read for all aspiring and working producers.”

—Anne Marie Gillen (CEO, Gillen Group LLC, Producer: Under Suspicion, Into Temptation, Fried Green Tomatoes )

“If you’re even thinking about making a movie... Read this book... Now! I’ve worked with Suzanne for years and she knows her stuff more than most people in this town!”

—Stacey Parks, www.FilmSpecific.com

“At each important step in the journey of getting a film produced we are reminded the importance each individual brings the project through the development of the script to a film that its audience will see. Ms Lyons reminds us to make the process a fun experience while not sugar coating the demanding job of a producer. Her enthusiasm for both the art and the business of film is highly evident in these chapters.”

—Phyllis Laing, President, Buffalo Gal Pictures

“This is an invaluable book for indie filmmakers. Buy it now! You’ll save a hundred times its cost in production and post-production.”

—Kate Robbins, Former Co-founder of Snowfall Films, Director, Candy Stripers

 “Education is a force to enrich our humanity, being so, I highly recommend Indie Film Producing , a complete and comprehensive guide to film student, filmmaker and educator. Suzanne Lyons, a person of wisdom and goodness, with years of practice and experience presents filmmaking’s most profound facets in clear and simple terms. I gained insight while reading Indie Film Producing, which I highly recommend.”

—Nicolas Nelle, Chairman, African Film Commission

“If there was an Academy Award for film books on producing your movie... This one’s a winner!”

—Jim Orr, Award Winning Cinematographer

“A film school in a book. I wish I had such a book when I was starting out. Suzanne Lyons covers everything a filmmaker needs to know about developing, producing, and marketing a feature film in a succinct nuts and bolts approach.”

—Terence M. O'Keefe, Writer, Producer, Director Vanguard Productions

“Susanne Lyons’ book Indie Film Producing: The Craft of Low Budget Filmmaking is an essential guide for all new producers about to begin their journey into the world of independent feature filmmaking. Suzanne conveys laser focused insights and invaluable practical advice with infectious enthusiasm.”

—Alan M. Shafer, Careyes Pictures, LLC

“Suzanne’s been there and done it. Now with Indie Film Producing: The Craft of Low Budget Filmmaking , you can, too! A page-turner for all Indie Producers!”

—Rob Buckham, Owner, ChinaFilm Productions

“Suzanne illuminates every important aspect of film producing—from script option to deliverables—in the most engaging and thorough manner. And, her enthusiasm is catching. It’s like reading tales from a producer’s

diary with the true expertise to back it up. For everyone considering producing their own movie, from low budget and even beyond, Indie Film Producing is a MUST READ!”

—Alison Lea Bingeman, Screenwriter, Indie feature, HURT

 “Suzanne Lyons brings us the lessons from the trenches from her own experience and those of other filmmakers. She shows how producing is not all swimming with sharks but everyday practical work with countless details to attend to. And she reminds us of the importance of the human side of producing that requires creative thinking, deliberation and consideration of the creative work of others.”

—Alyn Warren, Associate Professor, Digital Cinema MFA program director, National University