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Indie Film Producing explains the simple, basic, clear-cut role of the independent film producer. Producing your dream project, creating award-winning films on a low budget, putting name actors on your indie filmits all doable, and this book guides you through the entire process of being a successful producer and how to successfully maneuver through the sphere.

We have compiled a number of materials for your use, including: sample forms, templates, and budgets, video interviews, tutorials, and tips from the author, a web resources section that points you to some of the best sites you may need as an indie film producer, and more.
SUZANNE LYONS has over 25 years experience in television and film. She was VP of Marketing and Promotions for a Canadian TV Network and while there she created, produced and directed news and series programming and has won numerous awards for her work.

Suzanne moved to Philadelphia in the early 90s and worked in sales and distribution selling both film and television internationally. Ms. Lyons then established herself in Los Angeles in the mid 90s and co-founded the Flash Forward Institute. She has led hundreds of entertainment industry seminars to thousands of participants in both the U.S. and Canada.