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LATEST NEWS – Summer 2019

I am currently in development on my next two films, an incredible Mark L. Smith (“The Revenant” “Vacancy”) script, HARDCOURT, where I’m partnered with producer Rob Deege.  And a delightful project, IN MY LIFE, by writer/director Mark Rosman (“Cinderella Story” “Time Toys”). I’m partnered with Simon Brooks, Canyon Creek Films. 

In addition, I’ve been promising to do a video of my Indie Film Producing workshop and I did it!  I was able to produce this Masterclass with the help of indiefilmhustle founder Alex Ferrari.   It’s pretty amazing if I do say so myself. As part of the Masterclass video I’ve added 20 bonus materials worth thousands of dollars.  For more information, here is the direct link to the site,  Enjoy!

There’s a new addition to this site which I’m really proud of.  I’ve written twenty-five blogs based on my “10 Tips Series” with topics related to the entertainment industry and each week I’ll be putting up a new one. To view, click “Blog” on the menu above. 

Many of you know about the book I wrote for Focal Press on Indie Film Producing a few years ago. Here is a link to Amazon if you’re interested, or click here to learn more.

 Also, please take advantage of my “10 Tips Series” on They cover a number of topics as well and over 40 interviews I’d done with industry experts.  And it’s free! For info on what’s happening with Snowfall Films check out my site at







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